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Welcome to the Theory of Eden blog.

We are an e-boutique offering an inventory of designer wear apparel and lifestyle products that have been curated carefully and passionately for you!

Theory of Eden was born with the idea of delivering handcrafted products to you, taking special care to make sure that the products you receive have an exclusive and personal story attached to them. The apparel curated on our e-boutique have been designed by talented young designers from all over India and our home lifestyle products have customized art work.

Our range of home lifestyle products, from table linens to bath towels, have been crafted by women from marginalized communities. Our aim is to generate a livelihood for these women as well as preserve the artisan culture.

Theory of Eden is environmentally conscious, and our mandate concentrates on leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Our packaging, while sturdy and sound, involves the use of as little plastic as possible. We also keep track of waste material generated and recycle and reuse.

We want to give you the most delightful shopping experience with us, from the moment you enter our e-boutique to when you receive your package and use the products you ordered, indulging in an all senses experience.

Here on the Theory of Eden blog, we’ll update you with all the latest in fashion, entertaining, and lifestyle trends, while sharing titbits from recipes to the latest books to read or movies to watch and the style trends that you should be on the lookout for! Our features will include articles by guest bloggers, including the designers we collaborate with and an inside look into the craftsmanship of our products.

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