The Best Matte Lip Colours (for the Girl on the Go)

Our choices in lip colours are endless and so are the choices in textures – do we wear creme, gel, gloss or matte? Should we dab on a pink or a brown (incidentally a colour making a comeback from the 90s)? With endless choices and possibilities at our finger tips, how do we decide which colours to wear on our lips and when?

There are a couple of brilliant apps that help in easing our choices and allowing us to try on a look before purchasing a cosmetic product. The Lakmé Make Up Pro (iOS/Android – Free) helps me decide on looks from eye colour to lip colour and how intense of a cat eye I want to draw on.

However, with the endless possibilities of colour (and cat eye lines) … I stick with two shades of colour for my lips when ever I am in a hurry (or rather – when ever I’m running late and have no time to even comb my hair – let alone draw on a line  on my eyes) – a nude for day wear and a red for night wear (and sometimes I go for red during the day – just for that extra kick).

Here I list the two best nude and red lipsticks in matte, whether you are on a budget or ready to splurge.

Nude (in Peachy undertones)


Lakmé 9 to 5 Matte Lip Colour in Blush Work (Approx Rs. 450/-)

lakme lipstick blush pink nude


MAC Retro Matte in Runway Hit (Approx Rs. 1450/-)

MAC nude lipstick

Red (in a Pink undertone)


Lakmé Absolute Matte in Classic Rose (Approx Rs. 560/-)

Lakme lipstick red


MAC Retro Matte in Ruby Woo (Approx Rs. 1450/-)

MAC Ruby Woo Red


Our stylist swears by MAC’s Runway Hit and Ruby Woo. Wear any of these colours and you are ready to go, whether you are off to a Sunday brunch, a wedding celebration or just hanging around with friends at the local coffee shop.

Do you wear these lip colours or do you swear by other brands? Hit us up in the comments below!


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